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Community & Service

Community and Service is an integral component of the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program. It is the service volunteered by an individual to an organization for the benefit of the community. Starting within the classroom and extending beyond it, Community and Service aims to encourage responsible, caring participation in the local environment and in the wider world. Our emphasis is on examining our roles as citizens in our local and global community; instilling a sense of personal responsibility with others and within ourselves; developing the skills and attitudes needed to make a positive contribution to society.

At Abbotsford Middle, Community and Service is a multi-faceted program. Starting in Grade 6, students complete the same number of volunteer hours as their grade level- 6 hours for Grade 6; 7 hours for Grade 7; 8 hours for Grade 8. Completed hours and reflections are recorded and completed under the supervision of the students’ homeroom teachers.  To keep track of their hours throughout the years, Abbotsford Middle School students receive a community and service handbook.  Community and Service hours can be collected for completing any service volunteered by a student that benefits the school or a community group. The activity can be completed within the school or in the larger community.

There are a number of service opportunities the students can get involved in at Abbotsford Middle . In Grade 6 students volunteer with the Adopt a Street Program for community cleanup; partner with Godson Elementary through reading buddies; volunteer at the Food Bank to help sort and organize donated items.  In Grade 7 students also partner with Godson through reading buddies; participate in organized activities with seniors at Bevan Lodge; participate in the Adopt a Street Program; work with the Kiva Foundation which is a non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through the lending of money to alleviate poverty throughout the world.  In Grade 8 students volunteer with the school’s athletic department where they referee various games either at Abbotsford Middle or at elementary schools; volunteer with the Gleaners whose purpose is to make dried soup mix and apple snacks for distribution to the needy throughout the world; help run the local elementary schools cross country meets, sports days and district track meet; participate in the Adopt a Street Program.